Put the focus on the client, not the computer

Introducing Member Connect, CSI Software’s new app designed to drive business performance inside your facility.

  • • With Member Connect, you can quickly and easily log in with just a touch of the finger.

  • • The intuitive interface allows for easy navigation of all app functionalities.

  • • When viewing schedules, it’s a breeze switching between day, week, and list views.

  • • And we’ve made booking a breeze right from within the Member Connect App!

CSI's Member Connect App

It's tailored for health and fitness, empowering your trainers and instructors with robust features for doing their job on their feet and away from the desktop. Mobile enables your business to rethink processes, reengineer workflows and increase ROI. Member Connect helps you do all of this by turning mobile moments into business value. So now the focus can be on the client, and that's the best part.

  • Apple Watch Cleasses
  • Apple Watch Notifications
  • Apple Watch Reservations


Jump to any area in the menu. Employees can view their commissions, purchase series sale packages on behalf of a participant, and schedule new bookings.


Open a Bookings tile to view the Schedule Detail. From here, employees can see a list of the participants, check them into the schedule, take payment, along with a variety of other functions.


Employees can browse through their upcoming schedule using three convenient viewing options. Use the Day view to see a single day at a time. The Week view provides a bird’s-eye perspective of the next seven days at a glance. Scroll through your day-by-day schedule with the List view.

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