7 Ways To Get Members To Download Your Mobile App

How To Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are tech products that need to be marketed and sold. From Pandora to Minecraft, even Apple’s top apps don’t download themselves. Thousands of cool apps have died because of poor promotion. To avoid this fate, we’ll identify seven ways to promote your mobile app to get those downloads and ensure a successful launch.

Zero to One, Peter Thiel’s best-selling book for startups made a lot of tech people rethink the importance of sales. A Silicon Valley icon, Thiel argues the Field of Dreams "build it and they will come" strategy for tech products doesn’t work. No matter how great the product, nothing sells itself.

It’s a trap many mobile apps have fallen in.

The good news is health and fitness facilities must always be selling. It’s a way of life. So take that sales mindset, approach your new mobile app as a product in need of a market, and you will accelerate downloads and increase retention.


Email marketing just works. Why? According to ExactTarget, 91 percent of consumers check email at least once a day on their smartphone. And 70 percent of consumers always open emails from their favorite companies. McKinsey says email conversion rates are three times higher than social media.

You have email addresses. Take advantage.

Don’t just introduce your app in an email. Be consistent with your email promotion and link your app to all forms of electronic touchpoints, including billing statements and newsletters.


As new technology and new channels continue to entice marketers, the company website remains the marketing hub of choice. This is the digital launch pad for your app, so be loud and proud. And not just a link in the footer, feature your app in a big way.

Optimized for mobile?

Mobile websites are prime real estate for app promotion. Include a banner/pop-up and fast link to your app. In other words, direct traffic away from your site and toward your mobile app. This is target marketing at its finest because you’ve led your mobile users to water. Let them drink.

Social Media

Your fans and followers are always hungry for newsworthy events. A new app is not just breaking news, but also a statement saying our club is committed to the latest technology.

Mobile apps are complimentary tools for heavy social users. In fact, eMarketer says 80 percent of Facebook users in 2015 will access the site regularly with their mobile phones.

Utilize all of your social channels to promote your app. Both fast and free, social is the gateway to your younger demographic.


Health and fitness has a unique advantage when promoting mobile apps. You have a captive audience and regular attendance. Now it’s time to decorate.

Prior to launch, place attention-grabbing signage throughout your facility. Get the message out in both print and across digital displays. Create a buzz for your app.

Don’t forget the Rule of 7, the old marketing adage that a prospect must experience an advertiser’s message at least seven times before taking action. So display your app signage in the café, pro shop, locker room, and anywhere else with good foot traffic.


Blog about your app. Fitness enthusiasts spend a lot of time online hunting for an edge. Workouts, nutrition and technology are all proven informational hooks. Tell a compelling story about how your app provides a tech edge.

Create a video and post it. Roll the video over your in-house flat screens. Video is powerful medium for apps because you can walk the user through the entire experience.

Video or text, make sure your multimedia promos are easy to find and share.

Direct Mail

Direct mail? Seriously? No, contrary to conventional wisdom direct mail did not go out with the compact disc.

The Direct Marketing Association reported U.S. organizations spent $46 billion on direct mail in 2014, up from $44.8 billion in 2013. And 42 percent of recipients read or scan direct mail pieces. Mailers are becoming more effective as marketers get better at segmenting and targeting.

Know your market because the 45-54 demographic is most likely to respond to direct mail.


In the spirit of offline marketing, don’t forget about the promotional opportunities right under your nose.

We know referrals are often the best source of new business. And consumers are most influenced by people they like, are like, or want to be like. Find your influencers and get them to help pitch the product. This grassroots effort creates that elusive viral effect all marketers are after.

Clubs have really dedicated members that know a lot of other members. Recruit them to be app evangelists. What about the weight room alpha wolf? You know, the guy that everybody – young and old – seek out for advice. What about that spin instructor that packs the house every night? The yoga teacher with all the starry-eyed students? The forever booked trainer? Recruit them all to the cause.

Final Thoughts
  1. 1. Ask for the sale. Include calls-to-action in all of your app promotions.
  2. 2. Nothing happens until your app gets downloaded.
  3. 3. Happy selling!

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7 Ways To Get Members To Download Your Mobile App

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