WTS International Launches 20 New Sites with Daxko SpectrumNG Club Management Platform

WTS International (WTS) experienced exceptional growth in the past year and worked with Daxko/CSI Software to launch 20 new locations on their SpectrumNG club management platform...Read More

Daxko/CSI used Azure to accelerate its development cycle and to enhance its customer services and performance

Daxko/CSI Software faced a challenge: its customer base of fitness and recreation centers was growing rapidly, thanks to the success of its comprehensive enterprise-software solution...Read More

Daxko Receives Strategic Equity Investment From GI Partners

Daxko announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement for a strategic investment from GI Partners, a leading middle market private equity...Read More

Daxko Launches Payment Services designed for member-based health and wellness market

Daxko recently announced the launch of Daxko Payment Services, a highly efficient, secureand EMV-compliant credit card processing service...Read More

CSI Software Ranks No. 1 in the Top 100 Again for 2016

CSI Software has once again captured the top spot for software providers in the Top 100, dominating the competition for the ninth consecutive year...Read More

Customer Engagement Made Easy Using Mobile Apps

Customer engagement is becoming wildly important to marketers, maybe muscling out productivity as the top growth engine for businesses...Read More

The Aggressive Approach To Marketing Your Mobile App

Club-based mobile apps are the hottest technology trend in health and fitness, according to a recent report from ACE, IHRSA and ClubIntel...Read More

Make A Smarter Mobile App Decision This Year

These days mobile apps can do a lot of tricks. As a business tool, mobile apps should help prospect, engage members and manage members...Read More

Daxko Acquires CSI Software, Adding New Health and Wellness Solutions to Product Portfolio

Daxko, Inc. announced today it has acquired CSI Software LLC, provider of enterprise software to health and fitness clubs, campus recreation centers, parks and recreation centers, wellness centers, and nonprofit organizations...Read More

The Paperless Game Plan: How To Digitize Your Club

Unless you're the one in the office responsible for ordering copy paper, you would probably be shocked...Read More

Apple’s Pass, Push and Pay Digital Wallet

Apple’s digital wallet is finally ready for prime time...Read More

Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center at DePaul University Launches CSI Software Mobile App

CSI Software today announced that the DePaul University Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center...Read More

New CSI Software Apple Watch App Offers Breakthrough Digital Experience for Health and Fitness Clubs

We've put your club on a wrist. Browse a list of upcoming class schedules, be reminded of your upcoming classes and receive push notification... Read More

Build a Cybersecurity Plan For Your Small Business

In an age where 1 million new malware threats are launched each day, small businesses need a better... Read More

7 Ways To Get Members To Download Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are tech products that need to be marketed and sold. From Pandora to Minecraft... Read More

People + Tech = Actionable Insight

Sweet victory awaits companies that can close the gap between data collection and data action... Read More

How to Make the Right Mobile Decision

All the hype around mobile marketing makes you want to run and hide in a gym locker. Are prospects disappearing because we don't have... Read More

Companies Waiting To Cash In On Drones

We know drones provide spectacular aerial footage for Hollywood. We know hobbyists race drones. But where is the commercial sweet spot... Read More

Cardless Clubs Should Think Mobile

Check-in has been disrupted. Whether using biometrics, RFID, QR codes, or a mobile platform, the process of scraping your gym bag... Read More

Beacons Help Close the Customer Experience Gap

Beacon hardware may be tough to see, but the benefits iBeacon technology brings... Read More

CSI Software Launches Mobility - A New Mobile App for Health and Fitness Facilities

CSI Software announces Mobility, a mobile application giving users powerful features and facilities tools to engage a mobile audience... Read More

Make Wearables Part of Your Mobile Strategy

Winners and losers are far from being sorted out in the wearable technology race. But after wearables flooded the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas... Read More

EMV Migration Accelerated by Security Breaches

The number of credit card fraud cases in the U.S. has reached epidemic proportions. Massive security breaches at Home Depot and Target have... Read More

CSI Software Announces Vanguard – A Mobile Engagement System Designed for Health and Fitness

CSI Software, maker of the #1 club management software solution in the health and fitness industry according to the Top 100, announces Vanguard... Read More

How Mobile Computing Will Change Everything

The days of desktops, paper and sales teams hidden away in isolation are numbered. A new age of mobile computing will shape business into... Read More

CSI Software Celebrates the Top Spot in the Top 100

HOUSTON – August 6, 2014 – CSI Software, maker of a leading software solution for the health and fitness industry, has once again claimed the top spot... Read More

Make Your Facility Smarter Using Business Intelligence Software

On the surface, business intelligence (BI) software is about making evidence-based decisions that give your facility an edge. BI helps uncover insight about... Read More

CRM Software Makes Selling Easy for Your Fitness Facility

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps fitness facility operators find and keep members. Understanding customer behavior and... Read More

Differentiate Your Fitness Facility in the Cloud

Hundreds of thousands of companies operate daily in the cloud, deploy cloud applications or use the cloud for storage. IDC predicts 2014 cloud spending... Read More

St. Clair College has selected SpectrumNG for its new rec center in Windsor, Ontario.

The new facility will be 85,000 sq ft. and feature a triple gymnasium with seating capacity of 2,600, a 10,000 sq ft. fitness centre, elevated walking track... Read More

CSI Software Smooths Operations for Sport & Health

Sport&Health has 22 locations across the U.S. To keep things running smoothly, a reliable club management software is paramount... Read More

CSI Software's BI is aimed at both business leaders and business users.

CSI Software just launched an enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) application designed to help customers make better business decisions and realize... Read More

Utah Valley University Selects CSI Software

Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, has selected SpectrumNG by CSI Software to manage its new Student Life and Wellness Center, scheduled to open... Read More

Platform-as-a-Service Removes Need to Purchase and Maintain Infrastructure

CSI Software wanted to eliminate the infrastructure costs inherent with its on-premises hosting environment. But the company had a lot of requirements... Read More

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