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SpectrumNG: Top Club Management Software for the Top 100

CSI Software’s SpectrumNG is the #1 software in the health and fitness club industry according to the Top 100 clubs in North America.

Club Industry magazine’s annual Top 100 Clubs list recently revealed more clubs in the Top 100 use SpectrumNG than any other club management software.

CSI Software, the maker of SpectrumNG, is a leader in the health and fitness club industry, helping pioneer today’s club with powerful innovation, leading-edge technology and a commitment to cost reduction and customer support.

SpectrumNG – a true enterprise management solution – is the result of those efforts, and is considered a catalyst for the industry. SpectrumNG has held the top spot for five consecutive years, a feat not lost on the leadership team at CSI, a Houston-based software provider.

“CSI Software’s ranking as the number one software vendor in the health and fitness club sector underscores our commitment to helping customers achieve greater operational efficiency and optimized performance” - Andy Wigderson, VP of Sales and Marketing at CSI Software

So, how do you become the number one software provider  - and stay number one - in the ever-changing health club space? With a 33 percent share of the Top 100, SpectrumNG is bigger than the next two competitors combinded.

A True Enterprise Solution

SpectrumNG is not a mix of programs stitched together and called an end-to-end solution. All of CSI’s customers in the Top 100 use the latest version of SpectrumNG, a streamlined system of modules designed to save time and money. CSI customers have found using a fully integrated, single-source solution is critical to managing multiple departments and multiple revenue streams. And full integration is a big reason why they chose SpectrumNG.

Scheduling, billing and accounting are all accomplished through SpectrumNG modules built for industry needs, trends and requirements. CSI recognizes demand for premium services is increasing and have packed SpectrumNG with dedicated modules helping clubs position camps, spa services and group exercise classes as bedrock offerings. CSI customers have responded to Member Management, exploring new and different ways to engage members using valuable data. The Member Management module is full of customer relationship tools. And with SpectrumNG, most features are customizable, ready to meet any club’s current and future demands.

More clubs in the Top 100 are using SpectrumNG to do more with less, integrating departments and functions with a true enterprise solution. In fact, after CSI, more clubs develop their own software than buy SpectrumNG’s competition.

It’s Leading-Edge Technology

As more clubs look to data for a competitive advantage - hiring a CIO and launching data-driven initiatives – technology and innovation become integral parts of both strategy and success. Everybody is looking for that data-driven edge. CSI is helping spearhead the data revolution, implementing the latest technologies and shaping innovation.

We take a very long view with our product development. We look out 5 to 10 years which allows us to tackle tough problems with sound solutions” - Jonathan Ross, President and CEO of CSI Software

This forward-thinking approach allows CSI to anticipate industry-wide issues and develop solutions that align with today’s needs, while still investing in the future. 

CSI develops APIs, delivers online services, and offers a cloud storage solution. And SpectrumNG features a business intelligence module that gathers, analyzes and distributes information – instantly - to an entire staff. BI helps club managers make faster, more informed decisions based on powerful analytics. Online Services pushes payments, enrollments and bookings straight to any web-enabled device. Better customer experience, more efficient staff, and significant cost savings, all benefits becoming customary for club owners using Online Services.

Regular software updates and releases address needs and expand capabilities for SpectrumNG users. The latest iteration of CSI development – SpectrumNG 4.5 – meshes legacy success with tactical upgrades. CSI considers SpectrumNG 4.5 a byproduct of their next-gen mentality.

“We are genuinely passionate about technology” - Jonathan Ross, President and CEO of CSI Software. A sentiment CSI recently shared with club IT professionals at the CIO Forum in Las Vegas, a one-of-a-kind event hosted by CSI bringing together the best and brightest CIOs in the industry. The well-received event illustrates CSI’s thought leadership and customer commitment, and helps reinforce why SpectrumNG is number one.

Saving Money is More Than a Slogan

“We work with some of the largest health and fitness clubs in the country, providing solutions to problems,” said Wigderson. “This tells you that we are capable of doing this type of work, consistently, and at a market competitive rate.”

And big cost savings are available throughout SpectrumNG. Clubs can now work in a paperless environment, utilizing a host of cost-saving tools. Full automation and smart functions optimize employee and resource management. Excel spreadsheets make staff more efficient. SpectrumNG can eliminate third-party processing fees, too.

Clubs have captured huge cost savings through CSI’s slogan, “Say No” to billing companies.

According to CSI, many customers have saved resources by bringing the billing process in-house.

“The Accounts Receivable/Billing module has saved us, specifically, in staff time. The billing process in the legacy system was six hours every month. With SpectrumNG, it is an hour-and-a-half" - Dale McCarrell, the CFO at East Bank Club.

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With competition and consolidation pressuring the Top 100, CSI and SpectrumNG can provide plenty of cost control measures. And CSI’s design and implementation strategy must be working: technology, innovation, savings and support. “Otherwise, these companies with their rigorous qualification process and purchasing approach would never have hired us,” said Wigderson.

The top clubs have discovered meaningful data from state-of-the-art tools is a great weapon in a market driven by cost savings and educated consumers.

Join CSI Software at the top and discover why SpectrumNG is the preferred software of the Top 100.