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CSI Software’s JCC YMCA YWCA software offers many exciting module choices that facilitate management of your non-profit organization, click a module below to learn more.

JCC, YMCA, and YWCA Software Modules

JCC YMCA and YWCA Software

CSI Software's JCC YMCA YWCA software is a fully integrated, single-source solution enabling nonprofit organizations large and small to reach new levels of performance and capability.

As an engine for community growth, JCC, YMCA and YWCA recreation facilities have become more advanced and sophisticated, requiring faster, more efficient methods for scheduling, billing, member management and robust reporting. And CSI Software’s SpectrumNG, created from decades of health and fitness industry experience, is a state-of-the-art platform tailored to those needs. Delivering optimum results at the speed of business.

SpectrumNG is a complete software package built for the nonprofit sector, with proven, premium features that adapt to your ever-evolving marketplace. From your first member to your last piece of equipment, SpectrumNG manages all your data needs in a secure, customizable environment.

JCC YMCA YWCA Software Benefits:

  Track scheduling, billing and resources from one, integrated source.
  Go online and connect your organization to any web-enabled device.
  Manage member data and sharpen accounting through dedicated modules. 
  Increase your business intelligence using powerful analytics. 
  Automate your facility with industry-leading technology and support.

With SpectrumNG, full automation captures more sales opportunities, fine-tunes accounting, and creates a paperless environment. As an end-to-end solution, dedicated modules power every department in your facility. Use Point of Sale to process, track and inventory products and services. Business Intelligence slices and dices data, generating valuable analytics that lead to smarter business decisions. And Online Services allows your members to instantly book appointments, sign up for classes or programs, and access real-time account information. Imagine operational excellence throughout your entire organization.

As a leading software provider to nonprofits, we designed SpectrumNG to help achieve your mission and goals. Enjoy a perfect mix of technology, innovation, support and software capabilities. Together, reimagining today’s JCC, YMCA or YWCA and delivering superior customer satisfaction.

We know your organization is different. It’s both family and community seeking a healthier lifestyle – the essence of your facility. And CSI JCC YMCA YWCA software aligns with your core values, maximizing resources while connecting to a wider audience. Partner with us and discover the difference.

JCC YMCA YWCA in Action:

SpectrumNG offers a robust suite of modules and features that meet and exceed your expectations. Discover new ways to showcase your talents, better ways to grow your organization. We connect your different programs and professionals, so you can get back to improving the way your members live. We’ve developed new methods for using data as a competitive advantage, turning it into meaningful analytics that boost productivity, reduce costs and save time.

See What SpectrumNG Can Do For You

Use Program Registration to register customers with ease and accuracy, and fill up all your programs. It’s built to launch, organize and support the deepest pool of JCC YMCA and YWCA programs.

Optimize your resource management through Scheduler - one powerful tool for scheduling and payment. Automate appointments and bookings. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and billing errors. Scheduler makes the most of your time and resources.

Gain control over your leagues and tournaments with League Scheduler, a comprehensive tool for scheduling games, keeping statistics and managing teams. Even build and edit tournament brackets.

Member Management keeps pace with your valuable customers. Billing information, activity preferences, medical limitations, email addresses and many other functions make the Member Management module a valuable administrative tool.

And leverage the power of the web with Online Services. It’s always on, and ideal for registration and scheduling in an interactive, mobile world. Extend your reach, engage more customers, and connect at the right time through Online Services.

Billing and Accounts Receivable automates your billing through EFT and credit card drafts. Offer online payments for reach and convenience. Increase dues with a hassle-free function. Preview billing and eliminate errors. Update credit card information - in the background - in an instant.

CSI Software is the exclusive, preferred vendor of the JCC Association for software management systems. Check out some of the current facilities using CSI Software on our JCC YMCA YWCA Customers’ page.

CSI Software's JCC software helped the Jewish Community Center of Stamford with balance forward billing.

“We’ve only been using CSI Software for 3 months, and we’ve been able to reduce the number of statements we send out by two-thirds” says Barbara Merson.

“Taking and applying payments, processing credit cards and EFTs, and checking and sending out statements gets faster and more accurate each month. Its freed up significant time in our accounting department, to ‘clean up’ tens of thousands of dollars of misapplied payments and incorrect balances – and to improve customer service.”

Read on "Jewish Community Center of Stamford Case Study".

When the JCC Metrowest needed a robust, real-time system to increase their online program and class registration CSI Software's JCC Software responded to the challenge. Read on "JCC Metrowest Case Study".

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