Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are security and authentication in one powerful unit. Fingerprint readers deliver greater performance and accuracy than plastic ID cards, barcode readers or PIN pads. Fast to integrate and almost impossible to bypass, biometric readers speed up your facility and protect your assets by scanning biometric patterns unique to each member.

Secure Your Membership With the Most Advanced Technology.

Get rid of your membership cards and get the latest in check-in technology. Our biometric fingerprint readers are tough, compact, and easily integrated into your existing software. Built for high throughput environments, biometric readers add a new level of security to your club. No more lost cards. No more front desk hassles. No more gaming the system. Your membership management will get a lot more efficient.

Biometric Benefits:

  • • Offers enhanced security and convenience for clubs and members.
  • • Eliminates expensive ID cards and antiquated check-in methods.
  • • Prevents fraud and "tailgating."
  • • Moves traffic fast using reliable and consistent technology.
  • • Integrate with SpectrumNG and optimize the front desk.
So simple, yet so secure.

Biometrics In Action

Biometrics scanners are safer, more accurate, and simply easier to operate than plastic member cards. Cards are costly and easily compromised. And non-paying customers not only waste staff and facility resources, but also pose a security risk. Fingerprint readers change everything. Now, pull a member photo and profile with just a scan. Without having to manually scan cards - or look out for unfamiliar faces - your front-desk staff is free to add real value to your customer service.

Biometrics will play a critical role in the future of computer security and authentication. Health and fitness is the perfect application for biometric readers because of the sheer volume of check-ins and authentication. And biometrics is not a new science. Both tested and proven, today’s biometric scanning devices have checked in thousands of health and fitness members.

Fingerprint Reader

Our fingerprint reader is rugged, standing up to the heaviest flows of club traffic. It features a precise 500 DPI resolution with patented optics for displaying a clear image with high contrast. Working with a finger or a thumb, the reader’s auto-on sensor automatically detects touch, and its hardened fingerprint contact area is resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Both discrete and functional, fingerprint readers help automate member management by removing bottlenecks at check-in and fraudulent activity throughout your facility.

Modules that benefit from Biometrics:


M2-B Fingerprint Reader

M2-B Finger PrintReader

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