Customer Relationship Management

CSI Software's CRM tool drives your customer lifecycle from start to finish. Find more prospects, close more sales, and build relationships that last. Gain and share valuable insight during the sales process using a 360-degree view of each customer. Boost both productivity and efficiency using automated workflow management. Built with the latest tools and technologies, CRM changes the way you see your customer.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Profitable relationships live here.

CSI Software's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module drives your sales cycle from start to finish, delivering customer intelligence and pure automation throughout your entire facility. Manage new prospects, close more sales and build meaningful relationships with existing customers. CRM enables your staff to make better customer decisions when it counts.


  • • Track each prospect throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • • Automate sales functions and improve sales productivity.
  • • Get a 360-degree view of each customer and gain real insight.
  • • Connect and collaborate sales teams for faster closes.
  • • Integrate with SpectrumNG and optimize the sales process.

What makes our CRM different:

Automated Workflow Management

Now you can automate critical tasks for your sales staff. Follow up calls, emails and other tasks can all be automated. This eliminates guesswork and speeds the sales process, while keeping tasks in the right places.

Prospect to Companies and Organizations

CRM allows you to prospect to potential companies or responsible parties. This feature helps identify and target the decision maker in each organization, track any discounting you offer to their employees and keeps you focused on closing more corporate memberships.

Corporate Wellness for the Masses

Employees enjoy a simple online sign-up feature and companies enjoy automated management. It starts with an email invitation, connects with an online audience and ends with a lot of participation.

Employee action list

Kick your sales process into high gear using the employee action list. The action list automatically makes your sales team more efficient because crucial sales tasks are mapped out and predetermined. Know when to move and why. Know where to respond and when.

Physician Referrals and Tracking

Identify physicians or doctor's offices you wish to partner with. Track patients that are referred to your facility and offer them a pre-set discount based on the relationship you've established with the physician. Then, turn those individuals into full memberships.

Telephone Sales

It's the last day of the month and you are trying to make your quota. The prospect is ready to join but can't physically make it to the facility to sign the agreement. Our clever Telephone Sales tool will allow the new member to esign online and allow you to make your numbers. Cha-ching!

Shark Tank

CRM is equipped with unique features that make a difference. The Shark Tank automates the handoff of prospects needing fresh attention. Customize the setup to reflect time and activity along the sales cycle. Be alerted to any prospect needing a follow-up or additional contact. This will keep your sales people on their toes…

Account transfer feature

Give your sales team the power to assign the right talent to the right prospect, at the right time. The CRM account transfer feature keeps everyone on the same page.

Monthly production log

Keep your own team's score using the employee monthly production log. Feed CRM your data as the sales action happens. We make it easy to measure and track your sales professionals.

Member Retention

In a customer-driven market, CRM helps builds profitable relationships. Get a complete view of your existing members. Setup email drip campaigns. Take advantage of targeted data points for more personalized selling and deeper engagement. CRM differentiates your customer experience, and helps make relationships last.

Other Cool Features:

  • • Import prospects from lists.
  • • Sophisticated de-duping feature to prevent duplicate records
  • • Integrates with Outlook.
  • • Make Member feature automatically moves prospect to Contract Wizard.
  • • Track referrals, marketing source and interests.

Prospect, sell and connect. Welcome to the sales machine.

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