Take your hotel and fitness resort facilities to new levels of performance.

SpectrumNG builds a seamless bridge connecting your entire property to one, integrated system.

Hotel and Fitness Resort Management Software

Hotel and Fitness Resort Management Software

CSI Software's Hotel and Fitness Resort software is a fully integrated, single-source solution designed to take hotel fitness facilities to new levels of performance. Both customizable and comprehensive, CSI Software's product SpectrumNG comes equipped with the right tools for managing the unique demands of today's hotel fitness environment.


  • • Track scheduling, billing and resources from one, integrated source.
  • • Go online and connect your hotel facility to any web-enabled device.
  • • Manage member data and sharpen accounting through dedicated modules.
  • • Use advanced APIs for instant data sharing across departments.
  • • Automate your facility with industry-leading technology and support.

Interface with your property management system in an instant. Optimize employee and resource management using one tool for scheduling and payment. Enjoy dedicated modules and state-of-the art APIs that jumpstart key profit centers, including your food and beverage departments. Create new revenue opportunities using our advanced point-of-sale application, making products and services available anywhere, at any time. Look up customers instantly, and bill directly to a hotel room. Advanced billing features bring home precise numbers while eliminating paper and manual tasks. And move your business online, leveraging the latest in web-enabled devices.

Driven by industry-leading knowledge and expertise, SpectrumNG is an end-to-end platform - supported by decades of experience - helping hotel fitness facilities get to the leading edge of data management.

Partner with us and join a global list of companies choosing SpectrumNG for more speed, power and flexibility. CSI Software's Hotel and Fitness Resort software is the perfect blend of APIs and core capabilities built for complex data requirements.

Built for information sharing and reporting across multiple departments.

Leverage both the Micros F&B System and Fidelio PMS for convenience, transparency and reliable communication between your staff and customers. SpectrumNG builds a seamless bridge connecting your entire property to one, integrated system. Our Campus Recreation software is a perfect mix of modules and functionality custom fit for new centers, expanding ones, and those looking to upgrade an outdated system. Built on the latest technologies and a trusted platform, SpectrumNG makes the difference for any university wanting to make a smart investment in their future.


SpectrumNG offers a robust suite of modules and features that meet and exceed industry expectations. Implement a fully automated system that elevates your fitness facility from amenity to asset.

Discover new ways to showcase your talents, better ways to grow your organization. We connect your different programs and professionals, so you can get back to enhancing your member and guest experience. We've developed new methods for using data as a competitive advantage, turning it into meaningful analytics that boost productivity, reduce costs and save time.


Optimize your resource management through Scheduler - one powerful tool for scheduling and payment. Automate appointments and bookings. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and billing errors. Scheduler makes the most of your time and resources.

Member Management keeps pace with your valuable customers. Billing information, activity preferences, medical limitations, email addresses and many other functions make the Member Management module a valuable administrative tool.

And leverage the power of the web with Online Services. It's always on, and ideal for registration and scheduling in an interactive, mobile world. Extend your reach, engage more customers, and connect at the right time through Online Services.

Billing and Accounts Receivable automates your billing through EFT and credit card drafts. Offer online payments for reach and convenience. Increase dues with a hassle-free function. Preview billing and eliminate errors. Update credit card information - in the background - in an instant.

CSI Software now offers real-time integration for hotel operators using the Opera Fidelio PMS. The Fidelio PMS Interface links SpectrumNG's Member Check-In and Point-of-Sale modules with the Fidelio PMS system. Hotel guests check in to the hotel and head to the fitness center in one fast action. SpectrumNG handles everything and the process is transparent to your customers.

MICROS Integration delivers your food and beverage outlets an innovative solution for managing member charges. MICROS Integration makes it quick and easy to search for members or guests and verify charging privileges. Locate by last name, phone number, member ID number, or by scanning the member's card. For an established member, the system validates charging privileges, and ensures enough credit exists to satisfy the charged amount, including gratuity. MICROS Integration means agile accounting, making your facility more efficient.


We have a global network of customers using SpectrumNG to enhance productivity and make better business decisions. View a list of current facilities powered by CSI Software's hotel and fitness resort management software. We invite you to join thousands of users that enjoy the SpectrumNG advantage every day.

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