CSI Software is committed to helping our clients improve efficiently and gain a competitive advantage. We'll provide the support and training you need to achieve more.

CSI Software offers a wide range of training options to give customers the tools they need to succeed as well as numerous resources to help solve any issues you may encounter. When everyone understands and knows how to use CSI Software's products to its fullest potential, you can rest assured that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Account Management - Every customer is assigned a dedicated representative to manage your account. Account Managers work as liaisons between their respective customers and support, development and technology.
Customized On-Site Training - This training can consist of the preset CSI Software curriculum, or you may customize the class by creating your own class outline to best meet your needs. This option is ideal for organizations that want more individualized instruction. We can even use your own data! Many clients find it to be the most cost-effective way to train several users at once with one-on-one instruction.
Documentation - Read the most recent user guides, tutorials, software updates, and patches.
Courses - The Courses is a (self-paced) collection of online software lessons that take you step-by-step through key concepts and tasks in SpectrumNG. Take the courses whenever you need them, at your own pace! Since they are online, lessons are always available.
Technical Support - Our team of dedicated support experts are available to help you with any problem you have.
Summit – This annual conference is your opportunity to hear, firsthand, about the CSI Software vision and extended roadmap. You'll learn how our offerings will enhance the value of your existing investment, and meet your organization's ongoing need for products and services that deliver maximum ROI.
Discussions – This is a community where customers submit questions and open discussions that other experienced users can respond to.