What is FitRewards?

FitRewards is a customizable point banking loyalty program.

Facilities can decide for what and how many points to give their members in exchange for a behavior such as referring someone, using the facility, or participating in a program. These points can be redeemed from a catalog of customized gifts such as branded merchandise, facility services or other name brand products. Product assortments are selected by the facility and then as products are redeemed by members they are shipped right to their door.

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How it works

We send three sets of information nightly to FitRewards. The information is used in FitRewards to calculate loyalty points.

  1. 1. Eligibility – the list of members that qualify for the FitRewards program
  2. 2. Number of Check-ins
  3. 3. Sales Information – who bought what, when and for how much.

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