The Fitness Industry’s #1 NFC Technology Provider

GANTNER Technologies is the leading developer of NFC solutions, specially designed for the fitness industry. GANTNER’s complete solution for access control, check-in, locker room technology, and cashless payment all adds up to a member experience that is sure to differentiate you from the competition!

Always with an eye towards the future, GANTNER provides innovative solutions that ensure your club is mobile ready. Imagine from the time a member arrives to when they leave, one membership credential (NFC-enabled phone, card, wristband, or keytag) controls everything – checking-in, using a locker, purchasing a smoothie at the drink bar, even uploading favourite workouts on the networked fitness equipment!

The system enables a seamless visit to the gym that is more efficient and convenient for both operators and members alike. GANTNER combined with 3rd party club management software creates a fully integrated system solution to beef up your bottom line.

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Club Benefits:

  • • Improve security with a robust access control solution.
  • • Streamline operations with automated check-in.
  • • Go mobile with your club management system.
  • • Benefit from superior locker room management.
  • • Boost income with cashless payment.

Download the new brochure, detailing our hardware solutions for check-in, access, locks, and cashless payment.

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