Delivering your Food and Beverage outlets a powerful solution for managing member charges.


Members can charge purchases made in MICROS back to their account. SpectrumNG offers full integration and full convenience for members with charging privileges built into CSI's industry-leading software. Adapt and integrate, bridge the gap to customer loyalty.

MICROS integration makes it quick and easy to search for members and verify charging privileges. Find members by last name, phone number, member ID number, or by scanning the member's card. The system determines whether a member has charging privileges, and if enough credit exists to satisfy the charged amount, including gratuity. Agile accounting making your club more efficient.


MICROS integration provides your members flexible payment options. Although designed for member charge accounts, the interface scales to allow gift card redemptions and split tender.*

Members can use gift cards paid and managed through SpectrumNG toward purchases made in the MICROS system. However, any use of a gift card exceeding the card's balance will be prevented. Another fast feature designed for accurate, secure management.

Members have the option to charge a portion of their account balance, and then pay for the remainder with a different tender. Flexible payment options for more satisfied customers.

*Only gift cards purchased and managed through SpectrumNG.

Setup Information

The MICROS API Integration is part of CSI Software's Integration Services package. CSI will set up both Integration Services and the MICROS bridge service on the client's side.

Management Team