Allow members and staff to get the most out of your Technogym investment by migrating critical account, membership and demographic information direct from SpectrumNG. Activating our Technogym feature not only ensures data synchronization, but also leverages a trusted data source for better customer service and member management.

Smooth Integration of Member Data from SpectrumNG to Technogym

When your club adds or edits a member in SpectrumNG, the following information is added or synchronized in Technogym, instantly.

CSI Software's Technogym Interface generates an automatic data push from SpectrumNG to Technogym. In practice, this means a one-way synchronization with SpectrumNG being the system of record. SpectrumNG never pulls any information from Technogym, and Technogym never pushes anything to SpectrumNG, delivering an airtight data transfer.

Users simply scan a Technogym card, sync to their CSI account information, and track workouts in a dynamic environment. It's a great way for members and trainers to measure activity, hit goals and milestones, and visualize progress for motivation and feedback. The combination of Technogym and SpectrumNG adds a new dimension to your club, providing a unique differentiator with a state-of-the-art application.

Like SpectrumNG, Technogym pushes the boundaries of the wellness experience. Partnering with Technogym moves your club to the leading edge of wellness and fitness equipment. And we've designed a powerful connection between your member data and Technogym, creating a seamless platform for even higher performance.


You must be on SpectrumNG v5.0 or higher and need .net 4.0 Framework installed on the Technogym server.

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