Secure, efficient credit card processing with end-to-end transaction visibility and improved cash flow.

Did you know?

25% of members whose credit card is declined due to invalid data terminate within 30 days. Avoid triggering membership cancellations with Daxko Payment Services.

Daxko is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and serves as a merchant account provider, streamlining credit card processing and offering next day funding for drafts.

Daxko Payment Services customers will also benefit from:

Data Security

Daxko Payment Services protects cardholder data by leveraging the latest multi-layered encryption and tokenization technology. Our solution protects data, customers, and your brand.

Maximum Visibility

Track transactions from the point of origin all the way to settlement through our self-service portal. Dig into specific decline reasons, track deposit activity, and reconcile daily and monthly activity. Enjoy enhanced transaction analysis tools to streamline your business.

Expedited Deposits

Membership drafts, program drafts, and other scheduled payments may be eligible for next day funding. This gives you the peace of mind and reliability needed to manage day-to-day operations.

Account Updater

An additional option that proactively updates card numbers in your membership management database, saving your staff time from tracking down current card information.

Software Integration

Work directly from your membership management platform (Daxko Operations or CSI Spectrum NG) with full software integration.

EMV Compliant Terminals

EMV compliant hardware with secure, affordable reader available to accept your members’ payments onsite.

Innovative partnership

Work with the Daxko team trusted to provide leading-edge solutions for more than 1,200 health and wellness organizations.

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