Join us at Summit 2015, CSI Software's premier user event featuring the insights, tools and strategies you'll need to make technology an asset.

Why Attend

From data management to mobile platforms, the technology landscape in health and fitness is changing fast. Change means opportunity.

Sign up for Summit 2015 and discover how to capture more tech opportunities by taking advantage of everything CSI Software has to offer.

Hot Topics for 2015

  • • Employee app - help your staff stay close to your business, wherever they are. They can manage their schedule, book appointments and sell items from the palm of their hand.

  • • Wearable technology – Check-in, receive push notifications, view class schedule and reservation listings from your wearable devices.

  • • Sales tablet and kiosk app – Allow your sales people to walk and talk with customers through a complete sales cycle. Setup an account, process payments and capture electronic signatures from your tablet.

Summit 2015 is:

  • • Structured around the most critical priorities and toughest challenges facing SpectrumNG users

  • • Two exciting days full of in-depth software training and discussion around CSI products

  • • Over 25 breakout sessions with plenty of tips and tricks

  • • The perfect platform for getting inspired, rethinking strategy, and growing your network

  • • A live tour of the disruptive technologies changing our industry today and tomorrow

  • • Peer engagement and network building throughout the entire event

  • • The most vibrant community of health and fitness tech experts and forward-thinking speakers

Wednesday, November 18th

Basic Training For New SpectrumNG Recruits

Summit 2015 Boot Camp is for anyone new to SpectrumNG. With a sharp focus on setup and usage of core modules, Boot Camp is the fast track to becoming an introductory SpectrumNG user.

This is a one-day event of accelerated training in a comfortable, interactive environment.

Boot Camp is a unique opportunity for new customers to beat the learning curve prior to onsite training. It's hands-on training from the people who built SpectrumNG.

Are you an existing customer with new employees? Boot Camp provides a fantastic introduction to SpectrumNG for your newest users. Expert instruction will bring everyone up to speed.

Summit 2015 Boot Camp includes training, training guide, self-contained Spectrum database, continental breakfast, lunch and soft drinks all day. The fast track is in Dallas. We look forward to getting you on it.

Why Summit Is A Great Value

Summit was created to address the specific needs of our customers, generating tremendous business value. It's evolved into more – a fertile environment for career development.

Check out what Summit has to offer:

Navigate your CSI Software projects

Talk to CSI Software product experts about your current projects. Gain insight and get advice from the makers of SpectrumNG. Also share experiences with other CSI customers. Leave Summit with the best ideas for navigating your IT initiatives.

Get answers to your questions

With more than 25 breakout sessions, Summit is a two-day Q & A for all levels of CSI users. For deeper discussions, enjoy one-on-ones with CSI product experts. Have tough technical questions? You'll leave with the answers. Want to learn some new tricks? We have plenty to show you.

Pull more value out of IT

Learn how technology can truly drive your business forward. Summit's Business Strategies sessions help uncover the real value of your IT deployments. This unique aspect of Summit will help you understand the link between business needs and IT activities.

Learn from your peers

Summit brings together customers from a wide range of industries. From software to strategy, you'll share ideas with both seasoned pros and energetic upstarts. Your peers are fabulous resources for insight and solutions. Take advantage.

Grow your network

Not only get to know other CSI customers and employees, but also share ideas and make new contacts. Forget LinkedIn and online communities, Summit is all about real interaction with real people. Summit is a great way to expand your network and advance your career.

Learn new products

Summit is your opportunity to test-drive new products from CSI. Don't just hear what's new. See for yourself how our new products can boost your business. See how new CSI products can make you an industry leader in innovation.

Find the right migration strategy

Summit dedicates an entire track of sessions to migration strategies. Whether upgrading from Access, eMember or Spectrum, or making specific changes to a CSI Software deployment, you'll learn the easiest migration path for your business.

Get inspired by new ideas

Innovative thinking? Breakthrough products? Tech enthusiasts? Texas swagger! We've discovered that participants leave with a big burst of energy for implementing projects and tackling challenges. Summit is the perfect formula for inspiration. Join us.


Special Rate

$239 per night


When in Texas, go big—as in bigger, bolder and brasher at W Dallas - Victory. Our guestrooms and suites will activate your senses with cowboy cool textures such as cowhide and snake skin. Our unique and subtle touches including lasso sculptures and armadillo skin embellishments will have you saying WOW at every turn.

Located only 2 blocks from Dallas' premier sports and entertainment venue, W Dallas - Victory is the closest luxury hotel near American Airlines Center. Also, a short distance from the high-end Dallas shopping districts of Uptown and Highland Park, we welcome you to our Dallas hotel.

W Dallas Victory
2440 Victory Park Lane
Dallas, Texas, 75219


Thursday, November 19

Time Main Ballroom Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
8:00AM - 12:00PM Registration - Lobby
8:00AM - 9:00AM Continental Breakfast
9:00AM - 10:00AM Mobile app and wearable technology      
10:00AM - 10:30AM Break
10:30AM - 5:00PM Computer Lab ** (optional) Note: not available during lunch
10:30AM - 11:25AM Sales tablet and kiosk app Workshop
2 hr. hands-on session
Membership Types
2 hr. hands-on session
Help?! Where to find help for SpectrumNG.
11:30AM - 12:25PM Employee App Cool Tools
12:30PM - 1:25PM Lunch
1:30PM - 2:25PM Group X Workshop
Setting up services (Scheduler, Spa, etc.)
2 hr. hands-on session
Automation / Notifications
2 hr. hands-on session
Round Table
Camp Management
2:30PM - 3:25PM Accounting Round Table
3:30PM - 4:00PM Break
4:00PM - 5:00PM Town Hall
Health and Fitness
Town Hall
Campus Rec and Park
Town Hall
Wellness Centers
Town Hall
6:00PM Conference Party

Friday, November 20

Time Main Ballroom Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
08:00AM - 09:00AM Continental Breakfast
09:00AM - 10:00AM Product Roadmap
10:00AM - 10:30AM Break
10:30AM - 2:20PM Computer Lab ** (optional) Note: not available during lunch
10:30AM - 11:25AM CRM Workshop
Program Registration
2 hr. hands-on session
2 hr. hands-on session
Kid Care
11:30AM - 12:25PM Billing and CAUS Paperless Options
12:30PM - 1:25PM Lunch
1:30PM - 2:25PM Guest Speaker: "How I successfully launched my mobile app" Workshop
Query Builder
2 hr. hands-on session
2 hr. hands-on session
2:30PM - 3:30PM Mini Sessions Mini Sessions
3:30PM Conference Adjourns

Wednesday, November 18th

Time Session Information
8:30AM - 8:45AM Welcome & Continental Breakfast
8:45AM - 9:00AM Administrative Setup
9:00AM - 12:00PM Corporate
12:00PM - 12:30PM Lunch
12:30AM - 3:00PM Site Administration
3:00PM - 3:30PM Programs Setup
3:30PM - 4:00PM Programs Basic Procedures
4:00PM - 4:30PM Wrap-up/Q&A
6:00PM - 9:00PM Welcome Reception at W Dallas Victory Hotel



$300 per person

(plus Summit registration rate)

Early Bird

$599 - per person

After August 15th

$699 - per person

† Price includes: All meals, refreshments during breaks and the conference party

Have a great idea for a session? Share with us a session you would like to attend, or one that might even change your business. Have a success story? We want to hear it. Maybe you're better on your feet and want to present a topic or SpectrumNG solution. We invite all of your big ideas. Let's learn from your experiences. Tell us your story.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Industry Reborn

The industry of health and fitness is about to change. Devices will replace computers. Silos will vanish. All things will be connected. The here and now will be the only thing that matters. Contact between member and staff will be fast and transparent because interfaces will be shared and familiar. Even better, the best parts of this change have yet to be born. Vanguard, SNGv6.0, mobility, and the iPad app will introduce "An Industry Reborn."

CSI Software Summit Logo

Business Intelligence

Turn big, complex data into higher performance. This session will discuss current and future Business Intelligence offerings.

CSI Software Summit Logo

RT - Creative Ways Customers Use SpectrumNG

We are constantly amazed at how some of our customers have found creative ways to use different features and functionality of our software to meet their business needs. Join us for a Round Table session to learn and share how you can leverage the robust features of SpectrumNG to satisfy any business challenge your organization faces.

CSI Software Summit Logo

6.0 Upgrade

Excited about 6.0? This session will go over the enhancements in the new release as well as changes that you will need to be aware of to make updating to 6.0 smoother and easier for you and your team.

CSI Software Summit Logo


Need quick help or a solution? This session will assist you to answer your questions and solve your issue quickly, by locating all the available documentation CSI has to offer, including a Trouble Shooting Guide.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Kid Care

Learn how to streamline scheduling, administration and billing for your child-care facility. The Kid Care module delivers the optimum experience for both child and parent.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Marketing Tools in SpectrumNG

Spreading the word about your business and maintaining customer loyalty is challenging at best. Learn how you can various tools in SpectrumNG to help you. We will cover our new email designer, Loyalty Program, and other communication tools.

CSI Software Summit Logo


The cloud is scale, flexibility, and a reduction in operating costs. Learn how our SaaS offering is an ongoing membership to the industry-leading data management software.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Town Hall Meeting

The town hall meeting will give you an opportunity to gather with similar facilities to discuss common practices and get advice from a CSI Software staff member or other facilities.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Advanced Accounting

This session is for advanced users of CSI Software and will cover the Chart of Accounts, Financial Setup and GL interfaces. We will focus on the sale of inventory and non-inventory items, deferred revenue, installments, deposits, and inter-site accounting.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Advanced Reporting

SpectrumNG has over 100 canned reports. But how do you leverage these reports to help you manage your business? Join us and discover the most popular reports that facilities use to perform important functions and learn how to export these reports to Excel.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Group X

Come learn about the Group Exercise module! We'll take you from the ground floor, from setting up new classes to managing your enrollments and running reports.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Cool Tools

The devil is in the details. We have identified over 50 different things SpectrumNG does that you may not know about. We call them Cool Tools. This session will explore the features available in SpectrumNG that will leave you saying: "I didn't know I could do that!"

CSI Software Summit Logo

Query Builder

Learn tips and tricks of the Query Builder. You will learn how to group data, pull data and compare reports. You will also learn how you can export these reports to Excel.

CSI Software Summit Logo

CAUS and Series Sales

This session will go over two powerful tools: the Card Account Updater Service (CAUS) and Series Sales. The Card Account Updater Service (CAUS) is a powerful tool offered by Chase Paymentech and First Data Buypass/Datawire that will greatly reduce your declined credit cards. Another tool that we offer is Series Sales which will assist you in keeping track of the sessions used by your members.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Product Item Codes and POS

Whether you are creating a new database or just trying to maintain your existing one there are some key things to know when starting this process. Please join us as we learn the best practices of how to create and maintain product codes within your database system along with getting the most out of using and maintaining your POS system.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Workshop - Online Services

Bring your laptop and OLS log-in*, this hands on, instructor led class will guide you through setting up OLS and prepare you to instruct how to use this tool to both employees and members. This session will complete your check list to launch your facility's online services. Employee online services will be included.

*Make sure to have access to your database in order to make changes.

CSI Software Summit Logo

League and Tournaments

SpectrumNG offers the League/Tournament Module as a way to track enrollments, collect fees, and manage games. Join us for this session to learn more about this exciting module!

CSI Software Summit Logo


Receive an overview of processing billing, including critical setups to complete prior to running billing. You'll leave with a complete understanding of statements, notifications, billing reports, grace period and delay draft. Also, we'll cover the enhancements made to the Billing module in 2014.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Camp Management

In this Round Table session you'll get to discuss the setup and use of the Camp Management module with your fellow participants. Share your experiences and solutions to build a community of success!

CSI Software Summit Logo


Manage new prospects, close more sales and build meaningful relationships. Join us for this session to learn more about the CRM module and enables your staff to make better customer decisions when it counts.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Going Paperless

From membership agreements to paper bills, your facility present endless opportunities for digitizing labor-intensive documentation. Please join this session to see how SpectrumNG can help steer your facility toward a paperless environment.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Product Roadmap

Join our Product Managers for information on what's coming up next for CSI Software!

CSI Software Summit Logo

iPad Sales Tablet and Kiosk

This session introduces our new Sales Tablet iPad app. This app enables your salespeople to sign up new members and prospects in a mobile setting both inside and outside the facility, including signature capture and credit card processing. Optional is a self-service kiosk that allows prospects to enter their information that automatically flows to the sales team.

CSI Software Summit Logo


This session introduces the new mobile app, available for the iPhone. This branded app, customized to your specifications, empowers your members to do things like manage their account, register for classes and programs, schedule appointments, and more!

CSI Software Summit Logo

Inventory Management

This session will review SpectrumNG's inventory module. Learn how to gain better control and increase visibility of your inventory. We will also discuss the Product Line Setup feature, which can help your pro shop save time and money. Get to know this automated, integrated system that delivers inventory to the right people, at the right time.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Employee Commissions

We'll take you start to finish with commissions and payroll functions in SpectrumNG.  You'll learn how to set up Employee Roles, Department clock-in pay rates, Series Sales pay rates, Product commissions, and Commission levels used for Scheduler, Program Registration, and Group X.  We'll also cover sliding scale for Scheduler and Spa, editing employee check-in/check-out times, running the employee commission report, and setting up query builder to find prorated, first month, and last month dues paid through contract.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Equipment Checkout

The Equipment Checkout module allows you to completely manager your inventory of equipment for rent or loan. At any time, you will be able to see what equipment you have in stock, what equipment is currently checked out, what equipment is lost/damaged, and what equipment is overdue. You can also get reports on the usage history of your equipment to tract wear and tear and replacement intervals. We'll cover setup, end-user functionality, and reporting capabilities in this session.

CSI Software Summit Logo


In this session you'll learn how to setup SpectrumNG's features that can be automated. This session includes Notification Manager, CRM, AR Import, and Scheduler Billing.

Notification manager allows you to set up automatic e-mails based on members, guests, and prospects checking in to your facility or being created. These e-mails can be setup to be delivered to your employees and/or customers. CRM also expands Notification Manager capabilities, automating prospect and member-based actions selected by your staff.

The A/R Import process allows you to import charges, payments, or balance transfers from other systems in to SpectrumNG. Scheduler billing automates the billing of unpaid Scheduler appointments.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Program Registration

In this session you'll get to discuss Program Registration setup, use, and reporting with your fellow peers and give examples from your own use of SpectrumNG. Scott Wimberley, whose been a consultant at CSI for 9 years, will be sitting at the round table along with you to help answer any questions.

CSI Software Summit Logo

RT - Scheduler

In this session you'll get to discuss Scheduler setup, use, and reporting with your fellow peers and give examples from your own use of SpectrumNG. Scott Wimberley, whose been a consultant at CSI for 9 years, will be sitting at the round table along with you to help answer any questions.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Mini - Access Control and CSI Partners APIs

Quick overview of the Access Control system and the options available to you. Also, a look into the CSI Partner APIs currently implement and new APIs coming soon.

CSI Software Summit Logo

MSRS Delivers

Get the data you need to the people in need. Whether the data is located in the Cloud or on a local server you have the ability to retrieve any and everything from the database. Cannot get your budget approved for a full Reporting Server, no problem, we'll show ways to use MS SQL Express to get the data to your users.

CSI Software Summit Logo

Account Upload

Do you want to start using Account Upload to bulk enter/update your accounts? Are you using the Account Upload utility? Want to share your experiences or learn from others mistakes? Join us in a Round Table discussion on the ins and outs of the Account Upload.

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MAX's Wine Dive
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