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    Instead of reading about new technology developments second-hand, why not hear about them directly from the people responsible for them—on your own MP3 player via podcasting? You can download the .mp3 file directly, subscribe to the RSS feed, or access them via the iTunes Music Store. CSI Software regularly publishes podcast shows!


What is podcasting? As defined by Wikipedia, "Podcasting is a new term for the online publishing of files in a way that allows for the subscription-like syndication and distribution of files as they become available. Most podcasts are audio in MP3 format, syndicated through the RSS protocol." In other words, a podcast feed is a syndicated RSS newsfeed, only with audio files included for download instead of Web pages.

Need podcasting software? Unless you use iTunes 4.9 or later, which supports podcasts natively, you'll need to download and install a free podcast client such as iPodder (Windows, Mac, and Linux versions) or Doppler (Windows only) and then point it to the podcast's RSS feed URL. If you have a music jukebox program such as iTunes, then your downloaded podcast may begin to play automatically. If you do not have a music jukebox program, the downloaded MP3 file will usually reside at the default download location on your hard drive.

Most Recent Podcasts
  • When Billing Companies Attack!
    Date: August 20, 2008
    Host: PJ Gustafson

    Andy Wigderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, discusses how health and fitness clubs can leverage technology to eliminate costly third-party processing fees and improve customer service.
  • The Key to a Successful Implementation
    Date: August 12, 2008
    Host: PJ Gustafson

    Centers LLC has been a customer of CSI Software for nearly 10 years and has done over four major implementations. Shawne Patterson, Controller of Centers LLC, discusses how to best manage a CSI Software implementation to ensure success.



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