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CSI Software Smooths Operations for Sport & Health

Sport&Health has 22 locations across the U.S. To keep things running smoothly, a reliable club management software is paramount.

Glenn Rappaport, the vice president of technology for Sport & Health, explained why CSI Software was the right company for the job.

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CSI Software’s BI is aimed at both business leaders and business users.(PDF)

CSI Software just launched an enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) application designed to help customers make better business decisions and realize better business outcomes. CSI’s Business Intelligence will offer a full range of BI features, including analytics, reporting and visualization.

Part of SpectrumNG, CSI Software’s integrated, single-source software solution, Business Intelligence allows customers to detect trends, tag and comment on data visualizations, and quantify what’s selling and what’s not. And all BI features can be accessed from any tablet device.

Targeted features and technologies available in CSI Software’s BI:

  • Find conversion rates and pipeline specifics - new leads, tours taken – in the sales funnel.
  • Tag and comment on data visualizations. Even target favorite visualizations. CSI BI will advance the business narrative, recruit more influencers and save time.
  • Build heat maps that describe exactly where members and prospects live.
  • CSI BI makes it easy to optimize resource mixes. This ensures facilities stay lean while tracking and managing resource allocation.
  • Establish monthly targets for KPIs. Scorecards include sales, percentage of non-dues revenue, average dues per active member, sales to non-members, and more.
  • Analyze the business from any browser, any OS. This means iPads, Macs and Android-powered tablets.

Utah Valley University Selects CSI Software(PDF)

Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, has selected SpectrumNG by CSI Software to manage its new Student Life and Wellness Center, scheduled to open in the Spring of this year. This new facility will have three basketball courts, climbing wall, fitness area, bowling alley, massage room and much more. With the parking structure, these two facilities will add 323,494 square feet of space to the campus.

The Student Life and Wellness Center will be leveraging the SpectrumNG Access Control System to manage its various entry points, Scheduler, Event Management, Group X Scheduler, Equipment Checkout and Online Services.

Utah Valley University Student Life and Wellness Center

Platform-as-a-Service Removes Need to Purchase and Maintain Infrastructure(PDF)

Article by Windows Azure

CSI Software wanted to eliminate the infrastructure costs inherent with its on-premises hosting environment. But the company had a lot of requirements for a new solution that would allow it to migrate its multi-tenant SpectrumNG application, the backbone of its software.

Read the mini-case study and datasheet to learn how CSI Software benefits from using Windows Azure.

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