Introducing the CSI Software APP.

Empower your members to book, register, and schedule from their phones.

General Features

Everything you need to connect and interact with your mobile members.

Do you have multiple locations? Your customers can quickly find the nearest facility and critical info like address, contacts, and hours of operation. One of our most popular features, Try Us, notifies staff of a new lead. Even better, the Try Us feature automatically uploads lead information into our CRM for quick follow-up. The app also gives your members a voice. Users can provide feedback on the app, or feedback on your facility.

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Customer Login
Log in or browse offline to see all of the options the app has to offer.
Select a Location
If you are a multi-site facility, allow users to pick the site nearest them.
Try Us
Try Us feature integrates with our CRM module for quick lead follow-up.
Send feedback on the app, or feedback on the facility.

Classes and GroupX

Extend the power of your classes to the phone.

The app's Classes feature makes it easy to connect members to your class schedule – your entire schedule – two months in advance. Users have multiple ways to choose their favorite class or instructor. View and book classes, then share. Because the app enables social networks. Invite a friend and spread the word. Your customers can even book their favorite piece of equipment. If a class is full, get on the waitlist. If you need to cancel a class, cancel from wherever you are. For classes requiring fees, the app offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards and paid packages. Out of sessions? Customers can purchase more right from their phone.

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Class Schedules
Check out the schedule to find classes to meet your goals.
Advanced Search
Quickly find classes taught by your favorite instructor.
Book a Class
Sign up for your perfect class!
Select Equipment
Choose a specific bike, pilates machine, etc.
Variety of Payment Options
Facilities decide when and how to pay.
Out of Sessions?
No problem. Purchase and manage your sessions on the app.
Credit Card Payment Options
Using your card on file makes payment quick and easy.
Spread the Word
Share your enthusiasm via social media or invite a friend to join you in class!


It's time to get a lot more from your bookings.

The Bookings feature from the CSI Software mobile app allows members to book the perfect schedule – wherever they are. And each facility decides how users pay. Pay now or later, it's your choice. What about packages? Well, we make that easy too. Customers can use the app to view, purchase and manage packages – all from their phone. So choose criteria and make a speedy selection. Save the sweat for later.

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Enter Your Criteria
Choose the who, what, when and where that works for you.
Make Your Selection
Book the perfect schedule!
Pay Now or Later
Facilities set when and how users pay.
Purchase and manage packages
View and purchase session packages.

Program Registration

The fastest way to reach more customers, fill up classes, and maximize revenue.

The app allows customers to quickly browse for categories or programs that interest them. We deliver advance capabilities to fine-tune a search. Drill down to a specific instructor, or age range. So members can find – in a snap - their favorite instructor or program fitting their fitness needs. And we make it easy to register other family members, too. Get everybody involved. Use the Program Registration feature to add family to existing class schedules. For total convenience, the app allows members to choose from a variety of payment methods. Pick your payment and go. It's that simple.

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Locate a Program
Browse for the categories and programs that interest you.
Advance Search
Looking for a specific instructor or age range? We've got you covered!
Decide Who to Register
Register yourself or your family.
Payment Method
Choose from a variety of payment methods.

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